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The Western Australia Firearms Act 1973 requires the registration of firearms and the licensing of persons to possess them.

The Act requires that the Commissioner not approve a licence or permit:
  1. where it is not desirable in the interests of public safety; or
  2. the person is not a fit and proper person to hold the approval, permit, or licence.

In particular the Commissioner will take into account:
  • circumstances that indicate that a person has a history of, or a tendency towards, violent behaviour,
  • fails to meet standards of mental or physical fitness; or
  • suspects that the person is a threat to public safety

The act also requires that a person have both a genuine reason and a genuine need to possess a firearm.

(Note: Persons under the age of 18 years cannot make application for a firearms licence.)

Please note: Failure to provide Western Australia Police with all the required forms correctly completed with your application may result in your application being refused.

You need to review and understand the important information package before you proceed.