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For more information about managing the tax affairs of a deceased person, visit the ATO website.

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When to use this online form

Use this form to officially notify the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) of a person’s death. If you are the executor or administrator, you can also use this form to add new contact details on the deceased person’s record.

Information iconBefore you complete this form

Check that you:
  • are able to attend an interview at one of the participating Australia Post retail outlets,
  • have the death certificate for the deceased person, and
  • have the required supporting documents if applicable before you continue with this form.

It can take up to 28 days after the interview to update the records.

Supporting document

When you attend your interview, you must provide the death certificate as the supporting document.

We will accept only current unaltered original documents, or copies that have been appropriately certified. Documents that have been corrected or changed and initialled are not acceptable.

Information iconIf you do not provide an acceptable death certificate at interview, your application summary will be returned to you and your application will remain incomplete.

If you do not have the death certificate phone the ATO on 13 28 61 – we may still be able to add some information about the person’s death to our records over the phone.

Executors or administrators

You need to provide one of the following current supporting documents, in addition to the death certificate, stating you are the executor or administrator of the deceased estate. It needs to be an original or appropriately certified copy.

  • The deceased person’s last will and testament
  • Letters of administration
  • Evidence of grant of probate.

Additional documents

If your supporting document is in a previous name, you will also need to provide one of the following documents:

  • Change of name by Deed Poll
  • Change of name document
  • Marriage certificate